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A smile

"More and more on the face wrinkles ah." I do not know who said such a sentence.

Soon, this spread to her ears. She was angry, really want to find a guy theory that "rumors", "knock a pen for mental damages".

Think carefully, she did not emboldened. In the mirror, according to according to the face, did a lot more features about pleats, eyes, that a thin and dense small folds, just put her delicate face ruin.

The beauty of Ah Mui, determined to get rid of these hateful creases, even go away, also want to halt its spread. To this end, she adopted the following measures: first, continue to do mask, do well the nursing; second, adhere to exercise, maintain the patency of the facial blood; third, health care products to a higher grade.

After half a year, ah depressed, and a thin small wrinkles quietly climbed up the corner.

"Oh, my God, what can I do about it!" Anxious tears come out ah. At this time, someone quietly suggested to Ameti: "your face is fold increasing, mainly is you too love to laugh, smile, the corner of the eye muscles will shrink, shrink the high frequency, small wrinkles naturally more ."

Originally is a joke, but when the truth is true, dark determined, after try not to laugh.

Sure enough, love to laugh Ah Mui suddenly smile vanished, no matter where you go, always a way no matter who serious in speech and manner, to speak, is a plain water face. Most of the time, she wanted to laugh. For example: passed the CPA, laugh; salary rose laugh; husband, won a prize in a lottery, laugh...... However, no matter how strong desire to laugh, she is best to maintain restraint tourism online training .

For a long time, the problem came. When the people become even changed temper be scanty of words. Ah Mui is the work of financial accounting, more internal and external contact. Previously, she loves to laugh, very friendly, work full of sound and colour, salary rises again. But now, she does not laugh, together with all customers who be neither hot nor cold, think Ah Mui airs, ugly face. Leadership know, direct adjustment to Ah Mui, let her go to do the hard inside. Not only that, her family is also a problem, she used to love to laugh, home is full of sunshine, the child good grades, husband happy, don't laugh, the whole family dead, son's grades, along with her love, all bright "red".

Are the folds of blame. Ah Mui and HKUE ENG .

The days passed, she began to calm down. He failed not because of creases, but his attitude.

Finally, she laughed again, brace up to work life. Two years later, her outstanding performance, he was promoted to chief financial officer. My son passed the honors key middle school, her love is slowly warming, seems to be back to the year of first love......

Laugh ah, very beautiful. She stared around the corner carefully creases, and had an epiphany: right and left eye folds together, is not a radiant sun?

Many times, too afraid to lose their youth, youth is more likely to lose. Smile every day, always smile, to get the sunshine of life. Smile, is the most beautiful symbol of youth ah!

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