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Look at hill water did not return home

In a blink of an eye, a year.

Once feel that time is too slow sometimes, with age, just feel time flies, said it would be over.

On the eve of the beginning of a small rise, summer has come, noisy cicadas, blue sky. There are thousands of years has no fixed abode in the clouds. I stand in the corridor window, fear of the exam while looking forward to the summer holiday is coming. Now this scene again repeat, but three years time the water generally flows through. I stand in the same corridor window, as a stranger, looking out of the window more verdant jungle. Sunshine through the leaves on the cement ground light Posuo mottled. Looked at, as if to see their own figure three years ago. Have a moment of trance.

Seven years ago, "write down" at the end of my lanterns, wrote: I hope I can have the day by flying. Now that people thousands of years ago when the first flying lanterns are men of God, was impatient to recite chushibiao back up now is full of vicissitudes of life, but also personally let their lanterns, former members of the now every two Yin and yang. Take a moonlight night home, misty rain. The street looked up from the rain, thousands of dark sky falling in the yellow halo over me. I remember he had to love this look in the light rain falling. Years really say go. No mercy.

The trip seven years ago. In fact, when the travel is not interested, that on the vast land of Qinghai, grew up in the south where I know the ideal setting for a couple in love, what desert snow capped mountains. So the past hope affection. About the time of the Qinghai was not like it is now being developed, the scenery is also pure can not bear to leave.

The first time I saw the Tianshan snow, saw the vast desert, the first time I feel Saibei rough wind roared in the face. After the rain of the plateau, the grey clouds, the distant sky, with the distance of the transition is more and more deep blue. The sky is really just a rainbow, not spectacular. Turn on the Baidu tour, many photos a gorgeous rainbow piercing the sky, soaring.

Do not dare to have any extra hope for the trip. Sometimes expectations are too high, but not good. Only hope to return, the memory can leave mountains and rivers of vegetation and the sun and the moon and stars.

It is time to be caught off guard things, but retain a hair away from you.

Several years later, I think back to this summer, I do not know what kind of mood.

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