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Youth Dialogue, mail my time

1, the palm of the hand holding the text, clear light, engraved with your eyebrows, your eyes, your pen in deep, want to become a day of time, miss the flowers, the demon, the brilliant.

2, the end of an unforgettable, young time, occasionally blush heartbeat of the ad, no separation, no pain, the warmth of the flower, opened the whole summer.

Finally understand, 3 years later, the total two people in the world is born of love will love, time will meet again, this is you tell me the answer.

4, the full and empty, so cool. You say I do not come, you do not go, but the flowering period has passed, the heart has been scattered, I find every corner of the city, still do not see your shadow, weeping, squatting on the roadside, like a child.

5, good happiness, not to the tomorrow, waving goodbye, is not everyone's youth, there is no cover up injury, and love related, and you.

6, learn to cherish and be nice to people, because not all of them, will you Taoxin Tao lung to.

7, summer, moonlight. Half of fireworks, we back in silence, until dawn, did not speak, afraid of opening to turn the world.

After 8, you go, I get love in a daze, looking at the rain, laughing, tears.

9, such as glass heart, moon Bodhi, want to secure some time, some plain. Can not help but always affects the heart, it seems like bitter pain wounds, hide it well again and how, and you all are feeble in disguise.

10, have been looking forward to, and you are quiet, to talk about a love that does not break up, it is good.

11, to see some very beautiful story, but always inadvertently think of you, and you, and who think?

12, eat a bowl of hot surface, keep happy tears, suddenly remembered Manman say: you are my addiction, and can not quit.

13, flowers in accordance with the color, feeling heart painting bone. Do you believe, everyone will meet the person in life, whether it is fate, or robbery.

14, like his time, no car no room. Just that day, the sun is very good, he wore a white shirt I love, the ring of the bicycle Tata, passing the tree will blossom, everything is just fine.

15, still do not love to go to crowded places, the crowd is crowded, we opened the distance hospitality management.

16, the meteor across the pond, a young girl, she said to the world, time is long, and the corner that he met, God is the best arrangement.

17, stumbled, and walked one summer, you say to let go, we who do not cry. I smiled and said, looking at you far away the shadow, in a flash, this autumn, so cool, so cool.

18, familiar with the passing of the street, from the "I" Miss partly hidden and partly visible, become "we", is the last one original, all the far-off regions, will become the memories of yesterday.

19, sometimes the heart will feel tired, stay at home, shut the phone, then a moment, what is not important, only to do their own good reenex cps.

20, do not be afraid to say goodbye, to believe that the four seasons change, the flowers bloom, are doomed.

21, nostalgia, is to miss the first of their own; persistent, is to wait for the fate of love.

22, love writing, love light treatment, deeply hidden feeling, as love you, which need what reason.

23, the fairy tale Cinderella into a happy princess, not because she now have money, but she would not let her find a vagrant prince, not surprised, not bitter.

24, you always call me silly girl, I know, in fact, not silly tourism industry news.

25, all things to the end will be a good thing, like you and I, quarrel, pain, but still hand in hand to go together.

26, sad counter flow into the river, said the happiness before, this world there is always someone will warm you, whether it is friendship or love.

27, love to dream woman, I heard that there is no sense of security, to wait for that person has not come, to go that person, has long been turned around.

28, don't give up that person is willing to suffer with you, in this materialistic society, not to blandishments seriously, often people who love you, when you need to, beside you.

29, do not feel inferior, every emotion, as long as it is true, are worthy of respect.

30, can not help but think, write these sentences, is for what. Looking up, your hometown, it's raining......

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