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Uncivilized tourists "Cherry rain in wuhan"

Wuda Sakura days before being uncivilized tourists crazy shaking, falling artificial "Sakura rain". It triggered the condemnation of netizens and Wuhan University. Reporters learned from the Wuhan police on 28 th that the tourists who had been involved in the scandal had publicly apologized and accepted the criticism and education of the public security organs.

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Reporters from the Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau, Wuchang District Bureau of the Luojia mountain police station, learned that in the mastery of the relevant clues, the police found the Wuhan University cherry Boulevard uncivilized event of the party in 27.

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The police investigation, the evening of March 24th, the Party member, born in 1980, Wuhan City, a staff of the Department of Wuhan city park. That night, he came to see 11 cherry blossoms in Wuhan University of landscape architecture, including 5 students from Wuhan, 6 from Guangzhou. Around 22 o'clock that night, they walked to cherry blossoms Avenue. Drunk Hou see falling cherry is very good-looking, began to shake the cherry branches. At that time, tourists and students stopped uncivilized behaviors. The process was photographed.

Hou told police he was wrong to go, not take it seriously. The next day, he saw the video and public opinion to know the seriousness of the matter.

Another reporter learned from the Wuhan University, Wuhan University in the evening of March 25th, Hou WeChat official apology message.

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