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You are my life does not change, I miss you a hundred times

You are my life does not change, I miss you a hundred times. So shallow sketch writing scene, it seems tonight's moonlight slightly dark, soft wind began Dangqi waves. Earth, who has been staggering gait, who's tears are full of faces, but you did not look back. Han Yu also shame on the next month, love silk repeatedly Fanrunzhuan. Who pity Yu who was late, who wrote in the next month lingering? Wind knock bamboo dance lightly, if the cold month to heaven. How to fill in the evening breeze, who plays a lute?



Hair thread for no reason, the end of the return to the branch. The door is poor, the end is a trance. Fountain rain a few rain, wild geese a few mountains with Hill. Traces Red, empty as thousands, is heartbroken. Tao Qingyu wine, Hing sent a hundred articles, also received the fall force. Old trees withered flowers, even feel like floating dream, cold birds get tongue, transfer human Xiaoshu. A fossil fossils stand, eternal grievances knot Green. Zhan Yun Mochizuki, nothing more than sad sound, pick flowers sweep leaves, full of condensate at the sale. Cold body cool, in vain sigh.


Who in the red wing title Cui wing? Drop ink to write Hua chapter. Who in the piano book with wine tonight, the central tide of water? Who tonight ink twist ink flow, miss broke through the determination of the embankment. Thousands of miles outside the gaze, violet flowers all over the East wall. Sansei stone, carved past life attachment, the vow of this life, painting a beautiful longing, spectrum of Acacia hate phase forgotten, fill a tie love each other to regret. Lingling string sound, the word crown the world, the song must be unparalleled, Gongshangjia Zheng feather string out, light red children love long.


Things ups and downs, accidentally. A love word, a hate word, interpretation of how many joys and sorrows, ups and downs. Mok asked the future ashamed, but this life without regrets. Life is full of choices, since there are choices, how can perfect, no regrets. But never want to say what is right and wrong, but once obsessed, too persistent. Regardless of self-deception or state of mind clarity, to say a bloom, origin edge off, go with the flow. Carrying a moonlight, a touch of pink, a pot of wine, Yilianyoumeng, wandering horizon.


Night silence, warm Jade incense, but the heart alone wandering. Perhaps more distressed their bitter, only hysterical Mo Yang. Once upon a time, turned himself into a dust, erratic figure, alone Mo Yang, but stubborn to try to be brave. Wearing a thick camouflage, hiding my heart that piece of vast Cangzhou sea, the more Tolerance, the more can not cover up the disillusionment of the melancholy. Moment, found themselves even say hello, need to muster a great courage. That depressed mood instantly ignited. Burst into flames burning crazy. With half the time, to watch the results of a bloom, and did not feel that failure. Silly to you an irrelevant comfort, you can make all the grievances instantly calm down.


Red is more than half, thousands of sails had left the desolate, has been surging in my heart, the strings shut down after the storm, that ink has not dried it to stay in the old window sill writing yesterday, fleeting light, according to the messy hair On the endless knot slowly open, this is the Red, Castle Peak is not old, heart Shen like the sea, and sometimes really hope, you can be a selfish Keren ah. You are holding in the palm of your heart, in your Chongni eyes, brazenly in full bloom, the wind chimes in the window was sounded, know that the dream has woke up, you have turned around, do not care about the origin of my heart, sad Acid, but endured not to tears fall, the flowers are not fragrant, but I could not bear to lose. To hold in the palm of the hand, silently watching the withered helplessness at the fingertips.


   In hesitation and hard to break away between the wandering, so a little bit of love will be blown away, Piaoyuan, like the wind chimes, kept swinging, there will never be placement, life is short, think about experienced , But a pause, but to stay in the memory of the poor little, not forever, but will not have next life, it can only breathe the rest of the time.


Live in a dream is also very good, at least there is a dream of color, for their own tossing, do not believe you are now spread out the palm of our hands is empty, but open the door to the soul, a worried, A word engraved in the heart, called: love. At that moment the heart is full. Eyes of the warm, when the text is white to the text, this world is no longer important, and will not have any care and pictures. Life is not long, careful inventory of days and nights, you can also remember in the heart of the 23. Memory has begun to yellow, dense open to the frustration, hit the sea in the heart of that sea, where are you? I just have some nostalgia you have given little love, reluctant to put the red line on the kite unlock, obviously know that missed, it will not be heavy, when watching the sunrise and sunset, moonless moon, the heart suddenly have a hint of sentiment , Silently forgive all the difficulties of God, accept the fate of the arrangements, fingers clasped the meridian round, begging for the afterlife encounter, you and I do not miss the flowers, the next life so love to start all over again.

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