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The number of colleges and universities increased nearly 8 times in 2018

Among them, the number of newly recorded undergraduate majors is the largest, and there are up to 17 Chinese Academy of social sciences. In 2017, the first enrollment of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences was the first time. There were 4 colleges and 7 majors in the country, and the first batch of 392 freshmen enrolled.

The most newly approved undergraduate course is Beijing Foreign Studies University (fractional line, professional setup), adding 14 small language majors, all of which are new majors.

In this new record of undergraduate major, the most "hot" is related to information technology, of which 250 colleges and universities have added "data science and big data technology", and 60 colleges and universities have added "robot engineering". In the newly approved undergraduate course, 18 universities also added "Cyberspace Security" major, and 16 universities added "information security" major.

It is also an important measure to implement and expand the autonomy of colleges and universities. According to the regulations of the Ministry of education, in addition to the new major that is not listed in the catalogue of the undergraduate courses in ordinary higher schools, the university has set up a record system independently and strengthens the provincial undergraduate level. The right of professional management and overall planning should guide universities to optimize the structure of disciplines and specialties.

The adjustment of majors in Colleges and universities is often related to the social demand for talents. What are the characteristics of new majors in Colleges and universities this year? At the same time, what specialties are eliminated? Let's see it together.

This professional has become a "explosive payment" approved by the university has increased by nearly 8 times.

Data science and big data technology is the most popular among newly recorded undergraduate majors. According to the statistics, a total of 250 colleges and universities have added "data science and large data technology", including the Renmin University of China (fractional line, professional settings), Beijing Normal University (fractional line, professional setting), Xiamen University and other 19 colleges and universities directly under the Ministry of education. 21 universities in Henan province added the major to the most provinces. Many universities in Hebei, Shandong, Anhui, Guangdong, Jiangsu and other provinces were successfully approved.

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